KISSS The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression
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Strategy> body fortress

How does what we wear - our outer most layers, inform, misinform, jeopardize and
create boundaries for our private, public and cultural persona?
What can we possibly experience in someone else's clothes?
Is it possible to challenge mainstream opinion in our media driven world?

Artist Maxine Halls' work concerns itself with difference,
The traditional portrait is used as a metaphor for appearance, looking and a reflection of self image.
This body of work covers many complex layers, at its heart sit differences, dualism's and
oppositions that struggle to find justice and balance in an unequal world.

This work is as much about what is hidden as what is seen.
It challenges language and in-turn the actions that occur between
the act of looking and being looked at, what is seen and what is surmised.

Following her recent still and video performance piece 'a language of equal importance' she is
currently researching and preparing for a significant and potentially controversial new body of
work to take place as part of KISSS.
Dressed in modest clothing, the journey will be a physical and investigative one, from her home in Derby
to the launch in London using public transport, passing through St Pancras to Aldgate East on Thursday 08.
Her journey will be scrutinized and recorded by cameras and eyes, and an emotional narrative
will unfold from the undercover artist.