KISSS The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression
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Eva Rudlinger’s Moving Mirrors are part of POLAR installation reflecting on movement and memory. As they move in circular motion, the mirrors survey the space without leaving a trace.

Mimicking surveillance without recording it, they reflect each other from different angles creating a space within a space. Foucault wrote about the mirror as a mixed space between utopia and heterotopia. ” It makes this place that I occupy at the moment when I look at myself in the glass at once absolutely real, connected with all the space that surrounds it, and absolutely unreal, since in order to be perceived it has to pass through this virtual point which is over there.”
During the romantic period the national survey began to order the land and cartography as well as classification of clouds in meteorology began. Surveyor and the romantic tourist gained an objective representation of space without the interference of engagement with the terrain. The mapping of a perfect spot to view the landscape as an object became value for use.

Eva Rudlinger, Moving Mirrors, Prototype, London