KISSS The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression
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What can we expect when we’ll unbound the gag that has muted us?
This strategy explores the ideas of surveillance, resistance, suppression, repression and the limits of privacy.
How does surveillance affects us in our most inner self? Does surveillance go necessarily hand in hand with suppression? If so, how does this suppression/repression takes form?
The watchful gaze gives surveillance its quintessential characteristic. It targets and treats the body as an object to be watched, assessed and manipulated.
Following Orwell inspired ideas and, under fears of a big Brother state, privacy concerns are growing. Every move we make, every breath we take is being monitored. In the digital age, Big Brother is keeping track of all aspects of our lives, every movement, in order to check and monitor behavior, to influence persons and populations and to anticipate and pre-empt risks....they are watching you, they are watching me.
'dataveillance', the ability to track people by monitoring the shadow their data is now big business.
Secret microphones were used a couple of years ago by BP to listen to the private conversations of millions of customers.
'Web bugs' hidden behind only one pixel-size image on your computer screen can gather information about your web surfing habits, which means that one dot on your screen is watching every move you make.
MI5 will monitor, through a black box that all service providers will have to install, all data passing through UK computers. the email and internet activities of everyone with an internet will effectively be accessible to a State power.
databases bulging with details of every aspect of our private lives, from eating habits, hobbies, tastes and preferences have all been downloaded. Never in the history of mankind has personal privacy been harder to protect.
In this state of surveillance what does personal privacy means?
The monitoring of everyday life implies "suppression of dissent" including whistle blowing, free speech, systems of social control and related topics

What do the concepts SUSPICION/INCLUSION/EXCLUSION/ACCESS suggest to you?

In what way do words shape the mechanism of our imprisonment and the key to our escape?
Do you believe, as Foucault and Barthes famously claimed, that the world is language and that "language is a prison". Are our thoughts (about politics, society, gender etc etc) a product of language and this a product of society?
By controlling language, can the power structure of a society be changed, and is this the real intention behind so-called PC?

What does POLITICAL CORRECTNESS mean? Good manners and civility? harmless non-sense applied to speech and personal behavior? imposition of pre-digested opinions, by those in position of power? or an excuse for the replacing of thought by denying that it is reasonable to debate something?
Through mass media a few give legitimacy to dominant ideologies and shape the consciousness of the many. A brainwashing of the mass is created where men ceases to think and talk. We see a replacing of thought, We see a new enslavement of society by replacing of ideas and thoughts and the help of the disciplinary gaze of surveillance.
How is CENSORSHIP exercise and how does it influence the freedom of speech?

Dolores Sanchez Calvo