KISSS The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression
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Strategy: Body Fortress

How does what we wear and how we respond to our bodies reflect our culture(s), phobias, supresssed energies, hopes and dissapointments in this time of increased surviellance and supression. This could be interpreted via gender analysis, exploration of uniform fetishes, to wear the hijab or not etc

For the body fortress strategy for KISSS artist Deej Fabyc will present new research as part of her ongoing project titled "And She Watched"; "she" being the artists dead mother. This project encompasses jouneys through space and architecture, songs, pseudo-forensics, biographical details and dialogue with audiences.

In this new work Pertinent Details/Pisstake in which the artist journeys on foot and on the London Underground from her home to St Bartholemew's Hospital in the City of London. A journey through the 'ring of steel' carrying two 1 gallon containers of piss. This is 48 hours of urine is to be tested for catecholamines, a substance which is secreted from a particualr kind of tumour (paraganglioma) that killed the artists mother. A hereditary link has now been asserted with these tumours. This walk addresses the heightened state of surviellance and suppression in the ancient city state of London by recording the tension of a walk and train journey taken at this time.

A link between the ambivalence of both medical surveillance and city state surveillance is alluded to in this work.


You are invited to submit your images, photos, writings and thoughts in response to this Strategy

Emerging artist Hannah Terry has sent in her ongoing project Vote Junk as a response to this strategy [more info>]