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Billboards Task Force: Findings September 2005



The thinking womans daily supplement: The Times newspaper

(pictured are cosmetic products)


i am what i am

"People told me I'd missed my chance. People told me my body couldn't take it. People told me I was too old. Fortunately I was never much of a listener."



The Body Shop billboards placed on the shop windows at Waterloo train station.




Gun-fest poster angers residents - from BBC NEWS 7th September 2005

Visit the forum to see the discussion.


See the forum for discussion about this billboard!



Billboards Task Force: why, how, what.


Billboards! We see them every day, in the street, on the tube, in the train. But what do they mean? Our task force is out taking photographs of billboards that we find problematic in terms of language, image or style. We want to create an archive of these billboards for use as source material for debate via the forum and in six programs broadcast on radio Resonance 104.4FM from 26 August 2005.

If you have a problem with a billboard, photograph it, tell us why and send it to Be sure to send a shot of the whole billboard, including the border and a closer shot of any relevant detail. See our latest findings below and post your comments.

Want to investigate a specific issue on behalf of the Billboards Task Force? For the latest investigative call, visit the forum.




Chrstina Aguilera arrests herself.

Is it cool to be arrested? Or only when wearing certain footwear?










"BUY NOW, DON'T PAY LATER. 8000 fare evades prosecuted in the last year It is an offence to travel on Thameslink trains without a valid ticket or permit to travel."

Did this man not buy a ticket? Can you go to prison for not buying a train ticket?

Answer on the forum!








Who are Maiden?