KISSS The Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression
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I See You See

A strategy adopted for KISSS.

Components include:


I See You See
A living anthology of musings on surveillance.
‘I See You See’ currently consists of two strands, ‘Neighbourhood Watched’ and ‘Surveillance Mass’. Contributions to both strands are invited, plus suggestion for further diversions on surveillance.
Also being compiled- the ‘I See You See’ anthology gathering documentation and links to work exploring surveillance on society.
For more information, or to contribute contact:

Surveillance Mass
(An obedient society?)

Living, travelling, moving around in London- just how much of your time is spent under the gaze of a camera?
Does it matter?
Do you care?
Should you care?
(who looks at all this footage anyway?)
The use of CCTV especially on the public transport system has been highlighted recently in the hunt for the 21st of July attempted bombers, the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, and in the identification and origin of the bombers on the 7th of July.
London’s roads and streets are watched and regulated twenty four seven by speed cameras, bus lane cameras, red light cameras, traffic enforcement cameras, congestion charge cameras….
‘not knowing whether they were being watched but obliged to assume that they were, obedience was the only option’ (Lyon, 1933: 655-6)
but did you know… only 4 speed cameras in inner London have film in them at any one time?
So what would happen without them, and the perception that we are being watched?
Would London’s transport system descend into chaos?
Would the tube be any less safe to travel on?
Surveillance Mass
9.5k’s of travel in London, 44 cameras.
(34 drawings).
Contributions sought for the archive of surveillance, watching the watchers.


Neighbourhood Watched
(in the path of the electronic gaze)
Brixton Town Centre is one of the most surveyed places in London. Council CCTV, traffic enforcement camera’s, parking attendants… where ever you move, someone might be watching you.
‘most writers seem also to forget that, by and large, CCTV cameras are neither conscious, nor autonomous, and require, in order to be effective, constant monitoring and control by human beings in a work like situation, so that the millions of images produced can be watched, interpreted and acted upon’. ‘Surveillance and Society’, Gavin J.D. Smith p.376
Performance planned for this captive audience, in Brixton town centre. Wanted: Proposals and performers for this happening. Especially sought- dancers for a ‘mini tea dance’.

camilla brueton